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  • Full Body Holistic Massage €70
  • One Hour Holistic Facial €80
  • 40 Minutes Holistic Back Neck and Shoulder massage plus 20 Minutes Holistic Mini-Facial 75 euro!
  • One Hour Floating Session €60
  • 90 Minutes Full Body Holistic Massage €90
  • 40 Minutes Back,Neck and Shoulder Holistic Massage €50

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Imagine this: You are floating on warm, silky water. You hear nothing but the slow, steady beating of your heart and the sound of your own breathing .As you begin to relax, the restless chatter of your mind slows, then stops. Luxuriating in the release from gravity, every tiny muscle in your body lets go.The stresses and strains of daily life are left behind, you become calmer and calmer, more and more relaxed. You feel yourself dissolving into the warm, silky water; boundaries melt away, inside and outside become one and the same. You drift lazily through infinite space. Completely safe. Absolutely free. This is Floating.

Joe Rogan video about Floating :