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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Classses
Monday evenings
18.00 – 19.15
75 minute class
€85 for 6 classes with 7 weeks to use them
Drop in class €17
Claire Corcoran – Pregnancy Yoga Instructor
Claire has been practising yoga since 2002 and teaching since she received her YTTC 
diploma in 2007.  In 2013 her yoga practise went down a whole other route when she 
became pregnant. She completed the Trust in Birth Prenatal yoga teacher training with 
The Elbowroom. She went into labour the day she completed her final exam. 
Claire found her regular yoga and meditiation practise helped her enormously 
throughout her pregnancy, labour and  transition into motherhood.  Through her classes 
she aims to empower women to have happy, healthy, enjoyable pregnancies and positive 
births, whatever that means to them. She works hard to make sure her classes are 
inclusive, friendly, nurturing and supportive. 
In Claires pregnancy yoga class you will:
 Practise relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you relax, reduce 
birth related anxiety, general stress and help you sleep better. 
 Practise poses that build strength and stamina and increase flexibility in a 
completely safe way
 Practise poses that help alleviate lower back, shoulder, hip and rib aches and 
 Practise poses and breathing techniques that can be used to help you during 
 Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, improve general health and well-being
 Pick up tips and advice on dealing with various common pregnancy symptoms 
and/or preparing for your birth
 Find a community of like minded women going through the same thing and 
sharing their eperience with each other
Claire’s classes 75 minutes long to ensure there is ample time for physical work, breath 
work and relaxation.
Claire also teachers Baby Massage & Mum and Baby Yoga 
087 9924094