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Kosi- Satsang in September

Pulling Out the Deep Root of Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, and Self-hatred...
  • Wednesday, September 28, 2016
  • 19:00  21:00

At the root of every ego, even the most inflated ego, is a deep sense of self-hatred, fear, and anxiety. Pulling out this deeply ingrained root of the ego and genetic mind is essential for freeing yourself from the sadness and self-doubt it consciously and unconsciously generates.

On the spiritual path the great demons of fear, anxiety, doubt, and self-hatred must be fully met in order to break free of the suffering this mis-identification generates. This satsang will take you on a journey of birth, life, and death to the direct and intimate discovery of the source that is free of all forms of suffering.

This satsang opens the door to the most sublime happiness and freedom of your inner being. It represents the beginning of a deeper and deeper exploration of your true nature—the most sublime happiness and freedom.

This satsang is the beginning in a series of satsangs designed to support the deepest dive into the bliss of your true nature...

Satsang is a deep dive into the bliss of your Heart.

Ending the War with Yourself - Discovering the Great Secret of Lasting Happiness

  • Thursday, September 29, 2016
  • 19:00  21:00

Ending the War with the Yourself is the Beginning of Lasting Happiness

— Kosi

The ego generates the great illusion of you that is the source of fear, anxiety, depression, doubt and many other forms of suffering. This deeply ingrained feeling of 'you' generates a multitude of strategies to get what you want and keep what you have. It is the root cause the internal war with yourself or the epic battle with the super judge of the super-ego—the great tyranny of mind that causes patterns of suffering to repeat even after the most sublime realizations or moments of happiness.

It is only natural to think that getting rid of the ego is the gateway of freedom, but the idea of getting rid of ego is ego. Only the ego is concerned with ego—the pure bliss of your being is always unaffected by your ego or the movements of your mind, or your life circumstances. After all, the ego is essential for living in this world. The natural functioning of mind and ego is part of the joy of living—it is the gateway of eternal freedom. 

This you that you 'think' you are is what generates the ongoing war with yourself, your circumstances, and the people who appear and disappear from your life. Ending this tyranny of mind created by the ego and the supreme illusion of the super ego begins with the willingness to stop and intimately examine the nature of both. What is the ego exactly? What is the Super Ego? How does this deeply ingrained identification generate sadness, fear, doubt, anxiety and stress?

It can feel like there is no end to the tricks and traps of your ego, super ego, and your mind. It can seem hopeless—like this internal war will never end, until you discover the great secret of lasting happiness. 

What is this secret? And how can you abide in its eternal gift?


Diving into the Bliss of Being - An Evening of Silence and Song

  • Friday, September 30, 2016
  • 19:00  21:00

Diving The mantra is a an ancient hymn infused with deep silence. It is a powerful vibration that supports an intimate inquiry into the vast indescribable peace of your heart.

This is a special evening of silence and song—an introduction to the very potent vipasana meditation practice and mantras of the Siva Kasyapa Lineage. The mantra is not just an ancient song or hymn, it contains the innate power to burn through deeply ingrained patterns of suffering that can re-occur even after the most profound realizations or states of bliss. It is like a laser beam that can cut through both conscious and unconscious tendencies of the mind that can keep you trapped in endless cycles of suffering.

This evening will be infused with a very potent transmission of the silent grace of Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Amma Karunamayi. It is meant for those who have a deep desire to be free of the constantly changing movements of mind and circumstances of life. This mantra meditation is profound support for your own direct realization of the endless freedom that is alive in the core of your being.

Donation of 15€ requested. All are Welcome.

The Courage to STOP Retreat 

We live in a global society that moves at an alarmingly high rate of speed. You might even secretly realize you are addicted to the latest news on Facebook or your cell phone—constantly checking to see what is happening now. It is like the world has shifted into hyperdrive with social media, apps, online news, and the latest technology for staying connected. The pace of this inundation of information can leave us feeling alone, isolated, stressed, depressed, scared, and totally frazzled.

Often we set out on the the spiritual search to escape from the hectic pace of life to find the peace and freedom that enlightenment promises, but the search can turn into the same frantic pace as we become preoccupied with seeking the latest guru, teacher, method, or practice that might end our suffering and provide the lasting happiness that we are seeking. Seldom do you hear the word—stop—but counterintuitively the willingness to call off the search, the willingness to simply stop and relax, is essential for the direct discovery of the happiness, peace, and freedom that you long for is already here—you simply have to find the courage to stop everything for a moment to discover this directly for yourself.

Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey or have been searching for a long time—this retreat gives you permission to simply stop everything and relax. It cuts through all the spiritual concepts floating around the internet or being passed around by different teachers, lineages, and seekers of truth and freedom. It represents a potent transmission that supports a radical shift in your consciousness from the fear, anxiety, stress, and self-hatred of the mind to the indescribable freedom of the heart.

You might have heard these words before and maybe have even experienced profound moments of awakening, bliss, or heightened states of consciousness with other teachers or during other retreats or workshops only to discover these states vaporize the moment you return to your every day life. This retreat something different—something deeper. It is powerful support for your own direct discovery of the happiness that is simply always here.

This retreat is refreshingly authentic—a honest, open, fresh look at what it takes to really be free. It is a potent transmission meant for anyone with the maturity and sincere desire to discover what is already at peace, already enlightened, within you. It represents radical support for the direct discovery of your true nature—the bliss of perfect wisdom. 

Perhaps more importantly, this retreat reveals the ancient science of self-discovery essential for ending even the most stubborn patterns of suffering that can recur even after the most profound realizations or states of bliss.

Tuition: 85