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Imagine this: You are floating on warm, silky water. You hear nothing but the slow, steady beating of your heart and the sound of your own breathing .As you begin to relax, the restless chatter of your mind slows, then stops. Luxuriating in the release from gravity, every tiny muscle in your body lets go.The stresses and strains of daily life are left behind, you become calmer and calmer, more and more relaxed. You feel yourself dissolving into the warm, silky water; boundaries melt away, inside and outside become one and the same. You drift lazily through infinite space. Completely safe. Absolutely free. This is Floating.

Joe Rogan video about Floating :

Float Therapy
Holistic Massage

what people say about us

Well I walked in about 4 years ago for my first ever massage into Harvest moon, all shy and unsure of what to expect. I was met by Ravi who made me feel very comfortable straight away. I had been having lower back problems on and off for 3 yrs. Ravi told me after that first session I would need to do a course of at least 6 sessions to notice big improvements. He was right! So glad I stuck at it. 4 yrs later No back issue since, and lot more destressed!! Thanks to all the wonderful crew in Harvest Moon !!

Martina Keogh

- Harvest Moon simply has the very best deep tissue masseuse in Ireland. Ask for Ravi!

The centre has played a vital role in my pre surgery physical therapy and post surgery rehabilitation, wonderful people and one of the only flotation tanks in the country. A

Diarmuid Brannick

Working at a desk all day doesn’t do anything for the docility of my back / neck / shoulders. After a difficult month working on a demanding project I booked a deep tissue session with Harvest Moon. The therapist worked out all the tension particularly between my shoulder blades, my shoulders and arms (too much mouse work!). A deep tissue session meant I had to man up but the therapist helped me to concentrate on my breathing while she dislodged the knots and crystals in my back neck shoulders, and also in my calf muscles.

This was just what the doctor (and physio and psychologist!) ordered. I felt better than I have in at least a month and would thoroughly recommend booking in a session. Thanks a million to the therapist Peret, she did a fantastic job bringing my back back to life!

Dan IT consultant


Floating Session

Win 1 hour floating session in our monthly draw.