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Pregnancy Massage Dublin

Pregnancy massage is one of the most pampering and beneficial therapies an expecting mother can do.

As well as being deeply relaxing for the mother and helping aches and pains associated with being pregnant, massage can also be helpful for the unborn baby.
During pregnancy the body changes rapidly. The organs shift. The ligaments of the hips relax. The abdomen stretches. The center of gravity changes. All of these things cause discomfort and pain.
Massage during pregnancy has a wide range of great health benefits, including…

  • Relieves muscle spasms, cramps associated with the stress of extra weight bearing and physical changes that occur during pregnancy.
  • It reduces stress and allows the mother to relax, both important for during the pregnancy and labor.
  • The health of the baby is enhanced by the pregnancy massage through increasing blood circulation, lymph circulation, reducing edema and increasing cellular respiration.
  • Massage helps the mother to feel nurtured and pampered and this can then be passed onto the baby.
  • Pregnancy massage assists in reducing tension in the weight bearing joints and other bone and muscle structures.
  • It also helps maximize breathing capacity which is needed during labor and delivery.